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Planning on Enjoying Central Oregon’s Beautiful Landscapes? Check our Bend’s DMV!

Planning on Enjoying Central Oregon’s Beautiful Landscapes? Check out Bend’s DMV!

Are you new to Central Oregon; Bend, Redmond or Terrebonne? Are you new to the state of Oregon in general? This resort town is the place to be for entertainment and beautiful lanscapes. If you plan to do some driving MonteVista Homes wants to provide you with some helpful information about the Oregon DMV.

You will soon discover that underneath the varied landscapes of oregon, the shore, the desert, valleys, and hills– oregon has such a welcoming culture and amazing views that make the rainfall and sometimes unpredictable weather worth the while. That rainfall feeds the forests that beautify the outskirts of Oregon’s cities and towns, and surround its rivers, including the Willamette and Columbia. There’s so much to see and do in Oregon, especially in Bend with the mountains on one side and Smith Rock on the other, you’ll have many places to explore once you move into your new central oregon home!

However if you are from out of state and plan on driving and exploring Oregon’s landscapes, one of the first items on your “to do” checklist must be a browse through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for your vehicle driver license and automobile registration. In Oregon, driver’s licenses are valid for eight years so once you get it, you will not need to return for some time.

If you are a  brand-new Oregon resident who requires a motorist permit, you can obtain it by passing the knowledge test, which is covered in the Oregon Motorist Guide. You’ll also meet other requirement such as turning in your out-of-state permit. If you have teenager, they can get their learner’s permits, then provisional licenses, but all teenage oregon drivers are still restricted from driving late at night.

The Oregon DMV also offers a helpful site with information that can be useful to those new to the area or to the state. You’ll be pleased to know that aside from its friendly, unique community of individuals, Oregon is additionally known for its affordable car registration, which is only $54 for two years. Regular titles are $55.

Also, moving to Oregon and more specifically Central Oregon, you might be looking for a new home. Feel free to contact MonteVista Homes for more information on our new homes and neighborhoods!


Mark Your Calendars! MonteVista Has 4 New Homes in the 2013 COBA Tour of Homes

Check out the Homes MonteVista has in the COBA Tour of Homes 2013

Talk about a the perfect opportunity to see what’s brand-new in the world of home design: The 2013 COBA Tour of Homes is an event you don’t want to miss if you are on the search for a new home. The tour of homes is open to the public on July 19th-21st and July 26th-28th, 2013. This event provides individuals who are seeking to own a home now or in the future a chance to look into at the innovative designs of central oregon’s new home builders. The homes range in size and in price for homebuyers looking for simple, elegant yet affordable home to those wanting a more extravagant, luxurious home. The homes range from about $150,000 to $2 million plus.

Those homes included in the Tour are scattered throughout Central Oregon– with stops in Bend, Tumalo, Redmond, Sisters, Powell Butte, Pronghorn Resort and Caldera Springs. So if you are considering new home construction in Central Oregon, (an increasingly amount of people are preferring newly built homes) here’s an impressive chance to see the current handiwork and value engineering MonteVista Homes has to offer you!

We 4 homes in the Tour of Homes, located in three cities throughout Central Oregon.

  1. The Camelia – This spacious new home will be located in our Angus Acres Neighborhood in Terrebonne.
  2. The Pascali – Visit The Pascali in Julina Park Neighborhood, as you tour the homes in Redmond.
  3. The Crimson – This one story home, in Bend is located in our newest developing Eagle’s Landing Community.
  4.  The Mirabella – Northcrest is home to this beautiful, spacious new home in the city of Bend.

Make sure you mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to find your new home builder in central oregon! Printed copies of the COBA Tour of Homes Guide are offered at the following locations: The Bend Bulletin, The Bend Chamber of Business workplace, COBA, Central Oregon Site visitor’s Association, Jackson’s Edge and all neighborhood title firm professionals. As the day draws closer, visit our blog for more information on the MonteVista Homes in the COBA 2013 Tour of Homes.

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What’s Next for New Homebuyers? MonteVista Has some Ideas for you!

What’s Next for New Homebuyers? MonteVista Has some Ideas for you!

As new homebuyers you may find yourself unsure of what’s next for you? Owning a home is a big responsibility. Since you’ve just purchased a MonteVista new home, you know that its in good shape, and therefore the only job you have is to maintain the elegance and charm of your home!  We want to continue with some New Homeowner tips on fine tuning home and pointers on what to do when and if you come across things that need to be addressed. Knowing your home is an important part of being a homeowner, and so is being prepared. To help you out we’ve listed a few more tips below.

  1. Make sure you know where your breaker box is located in your home and to make it easier on yourself and your family, label each with a permanent marker. This can come in very handy if a problem were to occur. You can find out which switch commands each plug, have someone help you by plugging a lamp or a something similar into each outlet. Though this may be time consuming you’ll be grateful when the day comes when you’ll utilize this information.
  2. Know where your main water and electrical shutoffs are, either by referring to your inspection or asking. You never know when or if you’ll need this information but having knowledge of your home is important.
  3. For those of you who like to always be prepared, you may find this next idea very useful. Make a list of vendors that could help you fix any task that may occur in the future, so that if an issue comes up you’ll have the list readily and easily accessible at any time.
  4. Just like a car needs an oil change, every once and awhile your new home will require upkeep in order to remain looking and functioning nicely… for example, be sure to check your A/C and other appliances. it’s not always smart to wait for something to damage or an issue to occur, it may cost you in the long run!

Hope you find these tips from MonteVista Homes helpful. As a new homeowner, enjoy your house, have fun decorating and making it your own. If you follow these tips they may help lessen your worries in the future! Once again congratulation on your new home!


Are you a new homeowner, wondering what comes next?

Congratulations on your new MonteVista home! As a new homeowner you may be asking “What Now”?

After moving into your new home you may be finding yourself wondering what comes next?

You have actually done it. You’ve signed all the papers, purchased your home, done the walkthrough, obtained the keys and now this new home is finally yours! Now what’s the next step? Once you overcome all the hurdles of purchasing a new home, there are still a lot of other points to bear in mind. For brand-new homeowners wondering what to do, here are some helpful tips:

  1.  Keep all warranty, assembly, and running info for each device or product in your property neatly filed, this way when something malfunctions you know where to look. MonteVista Homes makes this easy for you by providing you with a binder containing all the warranties and product information of your appliances. This will be handed to you at the walkthrough when the keys to your new home will be handed to you.
  2. Want to hang pictures or artwork on the walls? In order to hang things securely on the wall, it’s best to locate the studs. How do you do this? It’s easier than you might think. To locate a stud, knuckle the wall beginning in a corner, you’ll notice the difference the taps on the wall make. Knock on the wall untill the sound goes from hollow until you hear a firm or hard noise. this change in the noise means you have located the stud, then use some basic math to assist you tin finding other studs since they are located about 16 inches apart.
  3. Unclogging a drain pipe typically will mean making use of a plumbing snake to pull the gunk out. Make sure the water is off and you have lots of towels and buckets prepared, or you could make use of some sewer chemicals to make a small opening in the crud and save the heavy lifting for later. Though this is not necessary to do immediately after buying a new home, it’s good to be prepared and know how its done.

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MonteVista Homes gives you Eagle’s Landing Neighborhood: One of the best communities in Bend, OR

MonteVista Homes gives you Eagle’s Landing Neighborhood: One of the best communities in Bend, OR

Eagle’s Landing is one of our newest neighborhoods in Bend Oregon. This growing community features a variety of large homesites to accommodate any of  our 1 level and 2 level homes. Select a floorplan that fits your needs, and choose one of the many homesites in Eagle’s Landing to call home! Another great feature about Eagle’s Landing neighborhood is that all homes include granite countertops and craftsman stone that is included in every home we build in this community at no extra cost to you!

You can walk down to the 4.2 acre Mountain View Park, a cute neighborhood park where your children and grandchildren can play on the new expansive playground. This park also features walking trails, a picnic table and plenty of open space for you, your family and your dog to enjoy on sunny days in Bend. 

Within minutes of this MonteVista Homes Community is one of Bend’s best shopping centers, “The Forum”. Here you will find many name brand stores such as Costco, Safeway and Old Navy. You’ll love having the ability to make a quick run to the store or the bank without wasting much time driving. Nearby, you also have a variety of restaurants, from fast food to sit down such as Hola’s where you can have a nice dinner and some drinks with friends!

The Local Movie theatre, starbucks, and gas stations all are located just down the street from Eagle’s Landing, making this the perfect community for families and those looking to retire! If you are looking for a new build home, or have family or friends on the hunt for a new home. Visit our Eagle’s Landing Community Today!

Call us: (541) 207-0120


Beautiful New Homes

Beautiful New Homes

Mother’s Day On a Budget: MonteVista Homes Has Some Ideas to Help Make This Day Special!

Mother’s Day On a Budget: MonteVista Homes Has Some Ideas to Help Make This Day Special!

Need some ideas on how to make Mother’s Day special on a budget? No need to fret, Mother’s Day is not about the amount of money spent on a loved one, you can make mother’s day fun without dipping deep into your piggy bank. What is most important is the time spent doing something special and memorable with Mom, resulting in the perfect day made just for her! After all, all Mom really wants is to bond with her loved ones! Here are some great ideas:

1. Get Fresh Air
Take mom on a hike or bike ride out in the country or just around the neighborhood. Maybe even personalize it with a sign that says “We love Mom”!

2. Treat Mom to Breakfast Theatre
After the hike or bike ride, everyone will be ready for a delicious meal! But Mom deserved more, so why not turn Mother’s Day brunch into a theatrical experience. Even the little ones can participate in reenacting funny memories, or putting on a show detailing your favorite things about her!

3. Make Homemade Conversation Starters
Prepare homemade conversation starters using paper and pen. Some sample questions can include: “Which kid is most like Mom and why?”; “What have you learned from Mom?”; “Which of Mom’s rules do you wish you could change?”. Each family member takes turns answering a question. Just be careful not to get yourself in trouble!

4. Surprise Mom With a Cocktail Party
Surprise Mom with a small, intimate cocktail party. Guests include her friends, aunts, grandmothers, and neighbors. Serve small inexpensive finger food such as cookies, fruit, cheese and crackers, etc. You can make cocktails as simple as lemonade and wine.

5. Do Dinner and a Movie
Simple! Prepare dinner and visit a local theatre or sit down to watch home videos and even flip through some fun photos.

6. Present Mom With a Souvenir
When her wonderful day is over! Present mom with a souvenir so that she will always remember that special day.

7. Send Mom on a Treasure Hunt

This is a creative way to give mom her gifts! Create clues and have fun!

Bend, Redmond and Terrebonne Host Community Events This Mother’s Day Weekend!

Bend, Redmond and Terrebonne Host Community Events This Mother’s Day Weekend!

MonteVista Homes knows how important it is to celebrate Mother’s Day! It’s well known that moms put forth a lot of time and commitment to raising their children and providing a good home for the family. Therefore, Mom deserves to enjoy her special day. Bend, Redmond, Terrebonne, and Eagle Crest are all hosting special community events to help you celebrate this Mother’s Day Weekend:

1. Miles for mothers in Redmond:
Take your mom for a morning run, this Saturday at 9:00am in Redmond, Oregon. Choose the distance that best suites you, whether it be the 1k,5k, or 10k. This can be a fun way to spend some mother-daughter time!

2. Mother’s Day Buffet Brunch in Terrebonne
The community of Terrebonne is hosting a Mother’s Day Family Brunch at Faith Home and Charity Vineyard. Treat your mom to a delicious meal and let her know just how much she means to you.

3. Cool Cats Casino Night at Eagle Crest
Casino night may be just what your mom needs to relax and have some fun! What better way to enjoy your weekend with mom than to have some fun for a good cause! This Casino event gives is a Benefits for the Brightside Animal Center formerly the Humane Society of Redmond.

4. Live music with Foxhollow
Is your mom a Folk music fanatic? How about a coffee lover? Then this Redmond community event may be a perfect mother’s day outing. Enjoy some live folk music at Green Plow Coffee Roaster from 6:00pm – 11:00pm on Saturday May 11th!

Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend showing your mom just how much she means to you! Take her around the central oregon communities and find an event you know she’ll love!

The Tropicana SL: Brand New Home in Bend, OR

The Tropicana SL!

MonteVista Homes presents a brand new home, the Tropicana SL in the wonderful NorthCrest Community located in NorthEast Bend, OR.

Price: $219,947
Location: 63404 Lamoine Lane, Bend, OR 97701

MLS# 201301691

Document Icon SmallDownload The Info Sheet


  • Three Bedrooms
  • Second Master Suite
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Dining Area
  • Double Sinks 
  • Walk in Closet
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Corner Fireplace
  • A Large Pantry
  • Kitchen Island [/one_half] [one_half_last]
  • Optional Office/Den
  • Valuted Great Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Disposal
  • Double Garage
  • Forced Air Furnace
  • Landscaped Front Yard
  • Sprinkler System [/one_half_last]

MonteVista Homes introduces the Tropicana SL. The Tropicana is one of MonteVista Home’s most attractive floor plans. This one level, three bedroom home has been modified to give you the Tropicana “Streamlined” which includes the favorite features that make the Tropicana so desirable at an affordable price! One of it’s most prominent features is the expansive kitchen-family room and the gracious master bedroom, which features his and her sinks and a large walk-in closet.

The optional corner fireplace improves the spaciousness of the vaulted great room and the open dining area boasts plenty of space for birthday parties or dinner with guests! As a special feature, the Tropicana is designed so that access to the hall bath and second bedroom could be made private, creating a second master bedroom where guests can enjoy their stay. The third bedroom was designed with a double door entry which can be easily be transformed into a office, study, or den.

This home is not only a great home design but it is in a wonderful location in our NorthCrest Neighborhood. This community has wonderful views of the cascades and is near one of the well known shopping districts of Bend, “Cascade Village Shopping Center”, where you can shop, dine or relax in your free time!

For More Information Contact Our New Home Specialist!

Theresa James, Principal Broker
Pacwest Realty Group, Inc.
Licensed in the State of Oregon
Exclusive Broker for:
MonteVista Homes

In a continual effort to improve our product, MonteVista Homes reserves the right to change product design, features, materials, specifications, prices and terms without prior notice. Square footage stated or implied are approximate. Images may be representative of future home and not actual home listed.

MonteVista Homes celebrates Administrative Professionals Day!

MonteVista Homes celebrates Administrative Professionals Day!

Join MonteVista Homes in honoring our administrative professionals for their hard work in providing you with the best home buying experience in Bend, Redmond, and Terrebonne. Although Administrative Professionals Day is not a holiday, MonteVista Homes observes and recognizes the hard work that our employee’s have put into helping new home buyers get into their dream home.  Administrative Professionals day is widely observed all over the nation and events are arranged to show our appreciation of the work carried out by them to highlight their importance to our business. The most common ways of recognizing your Administrative Professionals today are:

  • Flowers
  • Cards with shopping gift certificates
  • Take them to lunch
  • Candies
  • Assorted Gift Baskets

Our professionals put forth their best effort to give you the best home buying experience! Stop by our model home in our Gardenside neighborhood to see for yourself the quality, affordable, attractive home MonteVista has to offer you. The Tropicana is a one level floor plan that features a gracious master bedroom, a cozy fireplace, and a formal living room that you will love!

Need more information? Take advantage of our wonderful staff who are available and happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us for more information or contact our agent to tour a home.

Theresa James, Principal Broker
MonteVista Homes

62765 Powell Butte Hwy
Bend, OR 97701
Licensed in the State of Oregon




MonteVista Homes Celebrates Earth Day With the Community of Bend

MonteVista Homes Celebrates Earth Day With the Community of Bend

Earth day is dedicated to make us aware of the importance of keeping the earth beautiful for future generations. MonteVista Homes does not think just one day should be dedicated to this. That is why in our Gardenside neighborhood, we have a homeowners association that helps to maintain the cleanliness of the neighborhood.

Earth Day is widely celebrated and more people join in every year. Garbage is hauled, coral reefs and mountain trails are cleaned up, movies are shown, petitions are signed, and town hall meetings are held to plan a better future. More than 100 million schoolchildren around the world will learn about the importance of clean air and water and thousands of federal, state, and local governments will issue reports about their environmental achievements and make pledges to invest in green technology.

In conclusion, those who participate demonstrate a commonality that human beings are driven by their sense of duty, conscience, and moral imperative to save the planet. MonteVista Homes also strongly believes in the importance of being green and being efficient with the resources we have. The future is important to MonteVista homes, which is why we have planned the best neighborhoods in Central Oregon to be near schools, shopping centers, and parks so that you, the home buyers, can experience the best.

Use this wonderful day to experience what Gardenside has to offer! You can be sure to appreciate the neighborhood’s community park and manicured open space.


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