Meeting Your New Neighbors on Halloween!

Kids getting Halloween Candy in home
Kids getting Halloween Candy in home

Meeting Your New Neighbors on Halloween!

Moving into a new neighborhood comes with a lot of change. Meeting all your new neighbors and getting to know the people who live nearby on Halloween is a great ice breaker and making new friends in the area is a lot easier. Why? Because Halloween, celebrated by walking around the neighborhood and greeting everyone – from friend to stranger – is the perfect time to meet your new neighbors. Beautiful new homes and families in beautiful new communities coming together.

Here are a few ways to quickly meet your new MonteVista Homes neighbors this Halloween:

Stock Up on Candy for Trick-or-Treaters

Stock up on candy for kids, and be sure to chat up parents that tag along. They’re probably curious about their new neighbor, and nothing says “great first impression” like handing out some top-tier candy. 

Dress Up Your House with Spooky (But Wholesome) Decorations

Besides candy, the best part of Halloween is all the fun decorations! Jack-o-lanterns, dancing skeletons, flying ghosts… take some time to dress up your home in some fun and spooky decorations! The goal is to be festive and inviting rather than genuinely creepy or gory. You want an opportunity to greet kids and their parents, so keep the decorations wholesome and not terrifying.

Make Halloween Gift Bags for Neighbors Close By

If you have the time, consider putting together a cute and fun Halloween gift bag for your next-door neighbors. Put aside any shyness and ring your neighbor’s doorbell with the treat – it’s an excellent excuse for walking around the neighborhood to meet the people who live nearby. 

Join in Neighborhood Halloween Celebrations

Many MonteVista Homes families hold block parties or group celebrations, especially those with small children who won’t be out past 7 p.m. Attending these gatherings near your new home is a stress-free way to get out and meet your new neighbors. 

Celebrating Halloween is a great way to get to know your neighborhood and community. If you have young trick-or-treaters in your house, be sure to greet neighbors along with your kid. And be sure to attend any neighborhood gatherings! If it’s a costume party, be sure to dress up. You’ll get comfortable with your new community in no time.  Make the best of this years events and make new friends along the way.


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