Luke Pickerill – CEO

Luke Pickerill - CEO

President and Owner

Luke Pickerill has been in the home building business since 2012.  When Luke purchased the company he started with just $200,000 cash and two lots free and clear.  In 2018 MonteVista Homes was named COBA’s Builder of the Year under Luke’s leadership and vision for growth. Luke is a natural leader with strong family values.  His philosophy, “always do the right thing” shows in every aspect of MonteVista Homes.  As the elected president of the Central Oregon Home Builders Association, Luke has served the industry by setting standards others strive to achieve.

Formerly, Luke was the Sales and Marketing Director for MonteVista Homes under the ownership of Chet Antonsen.  Luke worked for Chet selling about 80 homes per year.  Prior to entering the homebuilding industry in 2012, Luke owned and operated City Kid Entertainment, a film and television production studio in Los Angeles, California, where he won multiple awards for his design and creative work.

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