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The way we often help people think about their mortgage is simple you are “Buying a monthly payment”.

When you purchase a home you secure a monthly payment with your home loan. You lock-in a payment that you can afford for the entire time you have you loan.  The benefits of homeownership go well beyond locking in a monthly payment, there are income tax deductions available for the interest you pay and for property taxes paid.  Home ownership can be one of the best ways to reduce income taxes and build wealth.  Every payment reduces the balance of the loan and when home prices increase so does the amount of equity (Home value – Loan balance = Equity).

When you rent, you sign a contract for payment, this is a temporary payment and is nearly guaranteed to rise year after year while you make your landlords house payment.  That’s right, when you rent you spend the same money you could have used for your own home but instead you are paying for one owned by someone else.  It costs about the same per month to buy a typical home as it does to rent.
Have a spin w/ the mortgage calculator below to see how much a new home will cost!

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Mortgage Calculator

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Mortgage Calculator

As you consider your monthly payment and the other benefits of homeownership, we would love to help you find a new home that is a perfect fit. We have new homes all over Oregon that use high-quality materials, exceed energy efficiency, and that you can call your own. If you are interested to see what we have that fits your budget and timeline, reach out!

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