Dear Mr. Pickerill- I have found most of your people a delight to work with. My wife is known by some of them for the many, MANY questions she asks. Among the qualities of the folks I'm talking about is patience: each never seemed in a hurry and were glad to answer her questions, the large and the small, always treating her with respect and honor. Three of your employees impressed me; I'm writing to commend them each. In no particular order, I'll start with Cris Weizenegger. Cris returned calls quickly and answered emails just as fast. He is always pleasant in person or on the phone and displays the ability to focus on the person at-hand, never coming across as if he had bigger fish to fry, other tasks to do, and would we please hurry things along. He knows his stuff and when he didn't he said so. (Yes! Nothing worse than guessing or lying.) He found answers and got back to us. He is personable, friendly and warm and has the vibe of "competent." You are fortunate to have Cris. Last week we were in Redmond to tour the property as the footings had recently been poured. Cris was there, along with Tom. Tom is another asset to your company. He oozed competence too, answered our questions, offered ideas of his own and explained the building process in a way we easily grasped. He too treated my wife with respect and answered her questions carefully and clearly. We left thinking if Tom's in charge of the building, we'll end up with a well-made home. (Bonnie, my wife, is the daughter of a building contractor. My father, a Boeing engineer, built homes as a hobby/investment. Both of us have seen good construction-and bad. We came away feeling good about Tom and his crew and sub-contractors.) I've only dealt with Reed Jassmann by email. Bonnie met him when she was touring a home in Hermiston. We had finished our select-the-features-you-want meeting in Bend, a meeting that left me unsettled on one aspect of construction. Bonnie suggested I email Reed. He promptly and professionally addressed my concern, affirmed that what I said in that meeting was correct and urged me to talk with Cris to get the problem solved. I felt heard by Reed, heard and understood.  
Rev. Dr. Steven F. T.

"I honestly recommend that anyone looking for a forever home, large or small, visit MonteVista and see the construction and upgrades that are not offered from other builders, and be pleasantly surprised."
Slyvia F.

MonteVista was an excellent builder with our home. When we met in person with them to do the framing walk through and orientation they were beyond excellent!
Debbie C.

The timeliness in processing all of the documents exceeded my expectations. Once we committed, everything went smoothly with the closing paperwork, title paperwork, deeds, and filings.
Janet R.

Everyone was very kind and helpful!
William C.

Very happy with our home and the overall experience with MonteVista! Made the process simple and smooth, kept us informed throughout the whole build. Love our new house!
Kelsey K.

The transition to our new MonteVista Home an easy one thanks to Luke and his entire crew. We feel fortunate to have entered into a relationship with MonteVista Homes and the employees who make it special for all of their buyers!
Vicki O.

MonteVista was a great company to work with! Everyone involved in the process was very friendly and helpful! After moving in, if there was an issue with anything, they were quick to help!
Brandon Z.

We love the finishes in this home. The service after moving in has been terrific.
Debbie W.

We are repeat buyers because once you've found the right thing, you'd be crazy to gamble elsewhere, especially when it comes to buying a home. They delivered on everything they promised. In fact, the MonteVista team went above and beyond to take care of us.
Mark P.

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