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For Realtors

MonteVista Homes appreciates the trust Realtors place in our commitment to providing your clients with a great new home, exceptional value, quality, and excellent customer service. You are a leading source of our sales success. We value the agents we work with and believe the closer we work together, the better the experience will be for our clients throughout the home-buying process.

MonteVista Homes Realtor Relationship & Client Registration

MonteVista Homes makes the client registration process simple:

  • Personally accompany your clients on their first visit to the MonteVista Homes community.
  • Pre-register your clients by Completing our online registration form below or visit one of our model homes and complete a customer contact information sheet. We appreciate agents who send customers to our community. You must pre-register if you will not be with the customer on their first visit to the community!  We sell a lot of homes on first visits to our communities. Please be aware that many homebuyers do not disclose they are working with a realtor if they find the community on their own.  Discuss MonteVista Homes with your customers and let us know about it.
  • Also many buyers look at homes with multiple realtors, we see this happen often.  Bring them by the model home for a tour and introduce them to our community if you are in the area.


  • Please register online or visit one of our model homes to ensure your client and your commission are protected for 120 days.
  • Our onsite agents work exclusively for MonteVista Homes; your registered buyer relationship is protected for 120 days. We do not guarantee you will be protected if you do not register your customers.
  • Let our new home professionals take the lead; they know the product and process. We are committed to helping your clients find the ideal home.
  • MonteVista Homes’ proactive approach of meeting with you and your clients will create a successful sale and a satisfied home buyer.
  • Clear expectations! The MonteVista Homes construction process is designed to be a Customer Journey. Let us lead that journey and see why we typically receive 100% customer satisfaction scores.
  • We will keep you, and the home buyer informed throughout the building process.
  • Get paid on time. MonteVista Homes pays you at the time of closing.
  • Ask about our Early Commission payment program. Receive up to 50% of your hard-earned commission before closing.